Adviseur Onderwijs | Orthopedagoog | ECHA specialist in gifted education
Adviseur Onderwijs | Orthopedagoog | ECHA specialist in gifted education

ECHA Specialist in Gifted Education

Na het behalen van mijn masterdiploma heb ik de kans gekregen om ook de ECHA opleiding tot Specialist in Gifted Education te voltooien. Centraal staat het goed onderbouwd helpen van hoogbegaafde leerlingen met specifieke problemen, zoals bijvoorbeeld onderpresteren, faalangst en perfectionisme.

Looking beyond the accepted views and protocols on giftedness

Tijdens mijn master Orthopedagogiek heb ik de Engelstalige specialisatie Gifted Education gevolgd. Hieronder een korte beschrijving.

For a long time we believed that smart children would make it on their own. But that’s a misconception. They can rapidly adapt to expectations and their peers, covering up their giftedness. And as a result, their talent is lost and a learning or behavioural disability could even arise. Therefore, there’s plenty for remedial educationalists to do!

Giftedness is more than IQ. Physical, musical, social and creative abilities are also involved. You will study how personal characteristics – like motivation and performance anxiety – abilities, and surroundings influence each other. You will learn how to identify the needs of a gifted pupil. You will test your gut feeling with research results. You will be critical of both your field and your own talents and talent development. You will investigate the conflict between stimulating talent and being fearful of doing so. Do we want people to excel? Do we dare to want it?

This programme challenges students to look beyond the accepted views on giftedness. To look beyond protocols. And beyond the Netherlands. This international Master’s specialisation will train students to be a scientist practitioner. After completion students will be able to say that they’re an expert in gifted education. With their knowledge and skills, they will be able to work as a remedial educationalist, educational advisor, policy maker, or researcher at schools, school advisory services, (governmental) organisations and research centres.